We are so excited that you are interested in joining the DiverseStyle family. Below are some incredible factors that make becoming a DiverseStyle franchise owner a unique opportunity and highlight why we feel that our vision is a game-changer in the beauty industry.

Total U.S. salon services and retail sales grew to $63 billion in 2017*. And when you add the rising demand for diversity in salon services, that same industry becomes a $7.3 trillion-dollar opportunity.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, a first-time business owner, or an established salon owner that needs to convert to a new concept--DiverseStyle is an excellent fit for you.

Luckily, we have a business model that allows you to join a franchise family with a fresh perspective and phenomenal growth potential.

Why a DiverseStyle Hair Salon?

DiverseStyle is a high-end, specialty salon concept with the ability to adapt to changing consumer needs. Invest with us and you can:

  • Make your mark on the $63 billion beauty industry.
  • Take advantage of multi-unit owner opportunities.
  • Reach an untapped, diverse market.
  • Build long-lasting client relationships.
  • Establish and maximize new streams of revenue.
  • Add a layer of diversity to your investments.
  • Join in the ownership of our private-label product lines.
  • Market exclusive membership packages to build consumer loyalty.
  • Leverage the benefits of a business model that’s thrived since 2009.

What makes DiverseStyle

Our world is a mix of cultures, ethnicities, and style. These ever-shifting demographics demand that salon owners adapt accordingly. Today’s guests want an experienced stylist with the specialized skills to work with their unique hair type, texture, and curl pattern. And that’s exactly what we offer.

DiverseStyle — The Modern Multicultural Hair Salon — is an innovative and inclusive-minded franchise concept. It’s the first of its kind designed to welcome customers of every age, race, and ethnicity. And it will quickly set a new standard within today’s ever-growing beauty industry.

Our unique operating system and one-of-a-kind education model allows our salon owners to deliver a truly unique, and memorable, experience. It designed to ensure employees can grow and customer relationships can thrive.

Our Founder’s History

Another added benefit for investors is that DiverseStyle ownership is excited to work with various types of investors and franchise owners. Chase Taylor is an Army Officer veteran--is honored to work with other veterans who are ready to start a new path and embark on a new career. Denise Taylor serves as the CEO and a 20 year master stylist has worked with various women owned enterprises and is a great mentor for any franchisor that doesn't have a background in the hair/beauty industry.

Denise Taylor is a tenured beauty professional and conceived this concept because she saw a tremendous need in the community and realized there was a huge demand that was being unmet. Their vision, determination and drive for success has made this endeavor a benefit to a global client base.

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DiverseStyle Investor Information

Own a DiverseStyle hair salon, and you can make a cultural, economic, and educational difference in every community in which you operate. Here are some facts and figures to help get you started:

Initial investment Figures

$ 163,200
$$ 265,300

*includes franchise fee


Financial Requirements

$70,000 liquid
$200,000 net

*includes franchise fee

Royalty Fees

year 1



Protected territory

or 300,000

Note: As you grow with DiverseStyle, you will pay less in royalty fees. Contact us for more details.

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